Intensvie driving lessons Wakefield

We are able to offer intensive and semi intensive driving courses in and around Wakefield and Pontefract. An intensive course is ideal for those people who need to pass their driving test quickly but is not necessarily the best solution for everyone. If you would like to discuss intensive or semi intensive driving courses and to find out more about prices and what’s involved please get in touch via our contact form or by giving us a call.



Is an intensive driving course in Wakefield right for me?

For some people an intensive driving course of driving lessons is the ideal solution for their need to learn to drive. This is particularly true for those people who for instance will shortly be moving to university or need to be able to drive for their job. However intensive courses (or crash courses as they are often called) do not necessarily make the process of learning to drive any easier. For some people there is a benefit in that, with one-a-week driving lessons they find that they easily forget what they learned on their previous lesson. While this is a benefit of intensive driving lessons, the downside is that for some people intensive courses are just too intense! they find that they get a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information that they need to take on board in one go, or that without a break they don’t seem to be able to get out of the habit of a particular mistake, or need a break to get rid if stress and worry. Whether an intensive driving course in Wakefield is suitable for you is a personal matter and a choice that only you can make. However, if you want to chat through your options please give us a call on 07727 086998.